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Backup Policy enforcement - Please read carefully


Dear customer,   From now on, Gestion DBI will enforce is backup policy. Customers will be responsible at all time of their own backup. In case of any event that may occur, no restoration will be provided by Gestion DBI and its subdivisions. This policy will help to keep our cost low and also educate our customer on the importance to make their own backup.   In resume, you will ...

Notice - Crypto Currencies fees


Dear customers,   Due to the recent increase into processing fees and variation on the crypto currencies networks, Gestion DBI is now in need to take an additionnal administrative fee on the invoices once a payment is paid via Crypto Currencies. This administrative fee is 5% of the total amount of the invoice.  Take note, this processing fee doesn't apply for other payment method ...

Currency update -- Please read in full!


Dear customers, We are currently converting all accounts to our native currency (CAD). Since Gestion DBI is a Canadian registered business, it's easier to upgrade, update and provide the best service we can in our native currency. Following this decision, all accounts in EUR and USD will be converted to CAD. This have no impact to your daily operations. All active orders and services will be ...