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IMPORTANT - Location Closure


Hi Valued Customer, As you may know, Gestion DBI is in the process of renovating its service offering to businesses and individuals. As demand and technology evolve in the market, some decision has been made to remain competitive. Following this, Gestion DBI officially announce the closure of three of his facilities, for OpenVZ products: New Jersey, USA Amsterdam, The ...

LowEndSpirit Los Angeles closure (LAX-06)


Dear LowEndSpirit member, Unfortunately, following the lack of success of the Los Angeles location, we come to the decisionto stop offering this location. Since some of you still have a running service in our Los Angeles facility, We have made an agreement with Anthony from Inception Hostingto continue your service in a similar area of the United States, free of charge.   The offer goes ...

Backup Policy enforcement - Please read carefully


Dear customer,   From now on, Gestion DBI will enforce is backup policy. Customers will be responsible at all time of their own backup. In case of any event that may occur, no restoration will be provided by Gestion DBI and its subdivisions. This policy will help to keep our cost low and also educate our customer on the importance to make their own backup.   In resume, you will ...