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  • Backup Policy enforcement - Please read carefully

News: Backup Policy enforcement - Please read carefully

Published: 23/12/2018

Dear customer,


From now on, Gestion DBI will enforce is backup policy.

Customers will be responsible at all time of their own backup. In case of any event that may occur, no restoration will be provided by Gestion DBI and its subdivisions.

This policy will help to keep our cost low and also educate our customer on the importance to make their own backup.


In resume, you will find below a quick FAQ on this change :


What really change?

 - In reality, we are not changing anything. Our backup policy is always the same, we do not provide backup to our customers.

   However, in the past, we made a few exceptions, once possible to accommodate our customers.

   Since our company has grown fast, our backup storage cost has exploded and we do not want to send the overbill to our customers.

   We prefer to focus our vision to providing the best possible service at a low cost and begin to educate our customers about the importance of creating and testing their own backups.


When does this change apply?

- This change will take place on January 1, 2019.


What does this mean to you?

- You are responsible for setting up your own backup policy to prevent data loss.


Will your Backup Policy affect me?

- This policy affect all customers, excluding the one with a Managed VPS and/or Web Hosting packages.


Do you provide an alternative?

- Yes. You can purchase our "Live Backup" service for your VPS for  $2.00 by month, per VPS.

   With this service, a full backup of your machine will be done every week and we will keep an archive of your VPS on our secured Backup Cluster.

   You can request a copy of the stored archive at any time by submitting a ticket.

   If you are interested, simply contact our Sales team via ticket to order the service.


Do you provide guarantee with your "Live Backup" Service?

- Unfortunately, no. Since we are taking "Live Backup" we can't monitor their integrity. We always suggest that the customer create their own backup

  and test it once to ensure the consistency of the backup.


If you have any other questions or wish to discuss of this change, do not hesitate to open a ticket in your Client Area.

- Gestion DBI Team.