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Maintenance - Migration to OpenVZ 7

Scheduled on 31/01/2020 08:00:00 Status Finished

Dear customer,

We are happy to announce that your service will soon be converted to the most recent version of OpenVZ, version 7.
This new version brings a lot of improvements that you will appreciate, such as:
- A new Linux kernel based on version 3.10.x
- Newer and more current operating systems
- The possibility of using Docker
- And more.

Like any maintenance, a migration involves its share of risk. Although our tests show that everything should go smoothly, here are some tips and remarks:

- Make a backup of your VPS at least 24 hours before migrating your VPS and make sure that it is complete.
- Unless otherwise specified, your IPv4 address will remain the same. However, you will receive a new IPv6 subnet. You will find the details of it in the VPS control panel.
- Once the maintenance period has been completed, we ask you to test your VPS. If you detect a problem, please notify our ticket support team IMMEDIATELY.

You will receive a new notice when it is your cluster's turn to be migrated.


Gestion DBI Team

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