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Location Closure - London and Miami

Scheduled on 01/12/2019 00:00:00 Status Completed Maintenance

Hi Valued Customer,

As you may know, Gestion DBI is in the process of renovating its service offering to businesses and individuals. As demand and technology evolve on the market, some decision has been made to remain competitive and provide the best for our customers.
Following this, Gestion DBI officially announces the closure of its facilities, for OpenVZ products:

- London, United Kingdom
- Miami, United States

The effective closure date is December 1, 2019 at 23h59 GMT-5

We strongly encourage all our customers to make backups of their running services at this location prior to the closing date, as all services will be completely terminated, and the hard drive erased.
For customers with active services, we offer four palliative options from which you can choose :

- Migration of your VPS to our Montreal, Canada Location (Place are limited and first come, first served)
- Pro-Rated Refund to initial payment method (if the payment has been made within the last 90 days by Paypal or Credit Card)
- Account credit compensation for the remaining billing months in their contract.
- Customer can buy a KVM VPS under our DeepNet Solutions brand with the account credits from their OpenVZ VPS.

Unless you contact us, we will automatically refund into account credits after the closing date.

As usual, our team will remain at your disposal if you have any questions regarding this situation. Simply open a ticket at
We apologize for all inconvenience this may cause,

Yours Sincerely,
Gestion DBI Team

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Date Action
21/11/2019 20:00:00 We can't offer migration to Montreal OpenVZ anymore. This location is sold out.
23/11/2019 18:29:00 Reminder has been sent out by email to all affected customers.
29/11/2019 06:44:00 All VPS are now suspended. Final termination is December 1st.
06/12/2019 08:49:00 We start processing pro-rated account credits refund for London location.
06/12/2019 12:31:00 London is officially decommissioned
08/12/2019 09:50:00 We start processing pro-rated account credits refund for Miami location.
08/12/2019 10:58:00 Miami is officially decommissioned