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  • LowEndSpirit Los Angeles closure (LAX-06)

News: LowEndSpirit Los Angeles closure (LAX-06)

Published: 25/01/2019

Dear LowEndSpirit member,

Unfortunately, following the lack of success of the Los Angeles location, we come to the decision
to stop offering this location.

Since some of you still have a running service in our Los Angeles facility, We have made an agreement with Anthony from Inception Hosting
to continue your service in a similar area of the United States, free of charge.


The offer goes as the following:

1- You must order their Phoenix, USA location
2- In the order notes, you must put your latest Gestion DBI invoice number for this service and the renewal date.
3- All orders will be checked manually to ensure the information provided are exact
4- Fraud check will be run by Inception Hosting as usual.
5- If all goes well, your service should be up and running under 48-72h.
6- Your service will be free until the renewal date provided.


Following this generous offer, we will keep all services online until Febuary  13, 2019, to give you the chance to 
get your new home. But act fast, this offer may be limited by stock availability at Inception Hosting.

**Also, you will be responsible to migrate your own data. No migration service will be offered.**


If you have any question regarding this notice, do not hesitate to contact us on the Official LowEndSpirit forum:

- Gestion DBI Team