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First steps to become Reseller


You want to become a Reseller of Gestion DBI services? We are here to help you!

We have 4 solutions available:


- Affiliate

This is the most easiest way to make money. You bring us a new customer using your affiliate link and we pay you!

With this option, we take care of the billing, support and management. You simply refer them to our website to purchase their service.

You can learn more here:


- Resell existing services

With this solution, you buy our ready to go VPS plans and sell them to your own customers.

You can then share the VPS Management panel dedicated access to this VPS, so your customer can use our White-Label panel to perform

basic/advanced taks to his VPS. You are in charge of support and billing of your own customers. We will also provide you a discount code

on our products to help you make a markup! Bring your business plan and get in touch with our sales team to get started!


- VPS Reseller Account

This solution is perfect for person/company that wants to resell their own package based on our infrastructure.

With this solution, Gestion DBI will create you a reseller account in his VPS Management portal and you will be able

to create your own packages and set your own prices. You will be in charge of the provisioning, billing and support of your own VPS/Customers.

Contact us to get a quote based on the ressource tier you required. You can start small and grow as you need.


- Dedicated Reseller

This solution is perfect for reseller that simply want a NOC Management. We are here to manage the Dedicated infrastructure and network for you.

Contact us for a customized quote according to your needs and requirements.



N.B: If you resell our services, it's important to let our team know at any time. This will help to prevent abuse and increase the security of your account.