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Do you provide DDoS Protection?


All of our locations have systems in place to prevent DDoS attacks. We use two different technologies to prevent DDoS attacks, DDoS protection, and DDoS Mitigation.

What is the difference?

  • DDoS Protection: In case of an attack, the IP is automatically nullrouted
  • DDoS Mitigation: The traffic is re-route to scrubbing hardware and a firewall to block the attack and lets only the legitimate traffic transit to your IP.

Technology used by location:

  • Montreal, Canada: Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
  • New Jersey, USA: Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
  • Atlanta, USA: Basic DDoS Mitigation
  • Miami, USA: Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
  • Dallas, USA: Basic DDoS Mitigation
  • Los Angeles, USA: Basic DDoS Mitigation
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands: DDoS Protection
  • London, United Kingdom: DDoS Protection
  • Hong Kong, China: DDoS Protection
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: DDoS Protection
  • Falkenstein, Germany: DDoS Protection

We can also offer Entreprise DDoS Mitigation on all our locations on demand. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to request a quote.

N.B: Basic DDoS Mitigation is offered as best effort on scrubbing hardware availability.